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Must-See Public Gardens to Visit in the U.S. - - state Pennsylvania - state Iowa - county Garden
19.02.2024 / 20:09

Must-See Public Gardens to Visit in the U.S.

Must-See Public Gardens to Visit in the U.S. Whether they're around the corner or across the country, public gardens are worth the trip! Don't miss these impressive public gardens!

How to Pick the Best Mulch for Your Mountain West Garden Beds - - state Colorado - state Utah - state New Mexico - county Lake
19.02.2024 / 15:01

How to Pick the Best Mulch for Your Mountain West Garden Beds

Since entering horticulture professionally over a decade ago, I’ve noticed a correlation on the Colorado Front Range between wood mulch (also called arborist chips) and water-wise gardens. A beautifully designed garden goes in, with appropriate irrigation and plant palette, and the garden looks great—briefly—before languishing. Plants in these beds never quite take off, or they fail before their natural lifespans are over. I casually refer to this as plant/mulch mismatch, and it’s an issue I see too often, maybe because mulch is anything but exciting to the average homeowner.

Seaside Gardening Plants -
16.02.2024 / 21:29

Seaside Gardening Plants

The almost constant enemies of seaside gardening are wind, salt and sand. Frost, however, is neither so prolonged nor so severe on the coast as it is inland, and seaside gardeners have been able to grow many frost-tender plants in the milder climate of their coastal gardens.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens - - Japan - state North Carolina - county Garden
16.02.2024 / 16:13

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Sarah P. Duke Gardens Stroll through the Sarah P. Duke Gardens to discover colorful seasonal plantings, a prairie garden and fruits and vegetables that grow well in the South. Sarah P. Duke Gardens Durham, North Carolina

Marking out Garden Beds -
15.02.2024 / 18:53

Marking out Garden Beds

One of the exciting stages of garden construction is the marking out of beds. The sites for the flower displays are marked out in the garden in the form of beds or borders. These may be of various shapes and sizes and much will depend on the character of the garden as to the exact shape which is used. Formal beds are those which have straight, defined edges whereas the informal types have irregular or natural edges. It is a good idea to draw up scale plans on paper before any marking out is begun. This will enable the gardener to design and measure the beds accurately especially where it is necessary to accommodate collections of plants such as shrubs and herbaceous plants.

OUTER SPACE FLOWERS – Gardening - - Usa - Britain - state Virginia - state Massachusets
14.02.2024 / 17:45


In many places in the United States columbines (Aquilegia ssp.) still grow wild. Highbrow hybrids dominate the marketplace, but even they seem to retain some of that wildness. While cleaning out an overgrown greenhouse once, I noticed columbines of indeterminate variety growing up through the cracks between the slate floor’s slabs. In my own garden they tend to self-seed, coming up everywhere but where I intend them to be. They are much like cats, domesticated to a point, but still inclined to go their own way.

Water drainage requirements for your garden -
09.02.2024 / 21:01

Water drainage requirements for your garden

The soil must have adequate drainage; otherwise, air may be excluded, and the more beneficial micro-organisms may be destroyed. Soils which have poor drainage are often sour and acid. It will be necessary to improve this acidity by applications of hydrated lime. Wet soils are cold ones, and this means that plant growth is severely retarded. The situation is even more critical in the northern, colder parts of the country. Waterlogged soils cause roots to rot and a combination of all these problems can produce complete failures in some gardens.

Gardening Guidance for Growing Orchids -
09.02.2024 / 15:50

Gardening Guidance for Growing Orchids

Orchids seem to do best if a greenhouse is devoted solely to their cultivation, though some types such as Odontoglossum grande and Coelogyne cristata will succeed very well in a general collection of plants.

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