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BBC Gardeners' World magazine weekends at Warner Leisure Hotels - - Britain - France
21.02.2024 / 15:49

BBC Gardeners' World magazine weekends at Warner Leisure Hotels

Are you dreaming of a relaxing break this spring or summer? Then imagine a weekend spent in a luxurious hotel set in beautiful gardens, with delicious breakfasts, three-course dinners and superb leisure facilities, and add to that a gardener’s delight of live Q&As, talks and demos with the Gardeners’ World team. Sound appealing? Then join us for one of these exclusive events!

How to Grow Common Box (Buxus sempervirens) - - Britain
20.02.2024 / 15:25

How to Grow Common Box (Buxus sempervirens)

Box, Buxus sempervirens, is a British native tree, most commonly used for hedging and topiary thanks to its small, evergreen leaves and dense growth. In April and May, it produces insignificant yellow flowers, that are nonetheless rich in nectar and popular with bees. Left untrimmed, a box plant can reach 5m tall, but most never reach this as they are clipped regularly.

The Garden Continues - - Britain - county Lake
19.02.2024 / 10:33

The Garden Continues

Today we’re visiting with Kim Herdman in Williams Lake, British Columbia. We’ve visited her beautiful garden before (Gardening Through Intense Weather). She’s been going through a difficult time, but her garden has been a source of solace.

Growers Guide for Geum Plants - - Britain - Greece
16.02.2024 / 21:29

Growers Guide for Geum Plants

A genus of hardy herbaceous perennials, some of which are useful border plants, the dwarf species are good rock garden plants. Several are natives of the British Isles but those valued for gardens are from Europe, South America, and the Near East.

Idaho Botanical Garden - - Britain - state Oregon - county Garden
16.02.2024 / 16:13

Idaho Botanical Garden

Idaho Botanical Garden If gardening in a dry climate is your challenge, the Idaho Botanical Garden has lots of solutions! Idaho Botanical Garden Boise, Idaho

OUTER SPACE FLOWERS – Gardening - - Usa - Britain - state Virginia - state Massachusets
14.02.2024 / 17:45


In many places in the United States columbines (Aquilegia ssp.) still grow wild. Highbrow hybrids dominate the marketplace, but even they seem to retain some of that wildness. While cleaning out an overgrown greenhouse once, I noticed columbines of indeterminate variety growing up through the cracks between the slate floor’s slabs. In my own garden they tend to self-seed, coming up everywhere but where I intend them to be. They are much like cats, domesticated to a point, but still inclined to go their own way.

30 Best British Trees and Shrubs and How to Identify Them - - Britain - Ireland
14.02.2024 / 14:28

30 Best British Trees and Shrubs and How to Identify Them

Britain and Ireland have between 32 and 35 native tree species. Numbers differ depending on how many individual species of elms and whitebeam are included, whether hybrids are listed, and which species are counted as trees and which as shrubs.

10 Rare British Garden Birds To Look Out For - - Britain
09.02.2024 / 18:31

10 Rare British Garden Birds To Look Out For

The bird species that visit your garden will vary depending on your location, the size of your plot, what type of plants you grow and what supplementary bird food you offer. In some areas of the UK, birds such as tree sparrows and nuthatches might be relatively common in gardens, whereas in other places they are unlikely to be seen. The birds on the list below can be seen in gardens, but none is included in the top 20 species in the last two years of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

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