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How to build a Garden Pond -
25.01.2024 / 23:13

How to build a Garden Pond

Gardening jobs are just like any other job; sometimes, they seem daunting. Where to start? What is more daunting than starting with a weed-filled field?

Tips for Cleaning Your Greenhouse -
22.01.2024 / 21:21

Tips for Cleaning Your Greenhouse

Weekly, remove dead plant material from plants and soil. Watch for slugs and other pests on plants, in pots, under trays, in corners, and beneath benches. Sterilize pots and flats with Physan 20 (#7620) before reusing them.

Selecting a tree for your local Town - - Usa - Netherlands - state Utah
22.01.2024 / 21:21

Selecting a tree for your local Town

In his classic book Mormon Country, author Wallace Stegner noted that nineteenth century Mormons planted rows of Lombardy poplar trees wherever they established settlements in the territory that is now Utah. The trees served as windbreaks and boundary markers, but they were also the flags that marked the advance of Mormon civilization in a hostile territory. In my hometown and lots of other towns all over the United States elm trees served a similar function, marking the spread of middle class residential neighborhoods during the end of the nineteenth and the first third of the twentieth centuries. In the 1960’s almost all of those tall elegant trees fell prey to Dutch Elm Disease, making each municipality a little poorer.

How to plant a bean plant - - France - Egypt
22.01.2024 / 21:21

How to plant a bean plant

These were certainly known to the Ancient Egyptians and are probably natives of northern and western Asia. They are extremely hardy.

Have your water and garden - - state Massachusets - state Vermont
22.01.2024 / 21:21

Have your water and garden

Lately, it seems like every time you turn on the local weather forecast, the meteorologist is talking about drought conditions. If you are in a severely affected area, or under water restrictions, this doesn’t mean you have to give up gardening. By following some drought-wise garden water tips, you can have your water, and your garden, too.

Humidifying Your Greenhouse -
22.01.2024 / 13:55

Humidifying Your Greenhouse

Apply mist only during daylight hours to avoid excessive humidity at night, which encourages disease. Remember, when the greenhouse cools at night, the relative humidity will rise even with the misting system off. Use a 24-hour timer to shut off the misting system 2 hours before sundown.

Adding Color to your garden -
21.01.2024 / 22:01

Adding Color to your garden

The colors chosen in the planning of a garden are very much a matter of personal taste but there are particularly pleasing combinations.

How to grow spinach from seed -
21.01.2024 / 19:01

How to grow spinach from seed

It has been estimated that a 10m (30ft) row of spinach supplies just about the right amount for a family of four during the summer months. But one sowing is not sufficient. Fresh young foliage is demanded and where spinach is much appreciated, successional sowings should be made fortnightly between late March and mid-July. For later autumn supplies and for pickings in the following spring, a sowing should be made in a sheltered position in mid-August.

Chelsea Flower Show -
21.01.2024 / 19:01

Chelsea Flower Show

Most of us can’t afford ‘grand design’ in our gardens, bringing in professionals for TV-style makeover. But we are always looking for hints, tips and ideas that will give our gardens a distinctive look. It can be as simple as where to place a deckchair or arranging a group plants. Here Ruth Chivers takes a look at what we can learn from the major summer Shows.

How to Germinate any Seed – Growing Seed Requirements -
20.01.2024 / 16:51

How to Germinate any Seed – Growing Seed Requirements

A seed is an embryo plant and contains virtually all the materials and energy to start off a new plant. To get the most from one’s seeds it is needful to understand a little about their needs so that just the right conditions can be given for successful growth.

How to grow a pea plant from a pea seed -
19.01.2024 / 23:46

How to grow a pea plant from a pea seed

There are dwarf and taller pea varieties. Although plants of the short, dwarf varieties may be grown without supports it is the custom to provide all garden peas with supports of some sort. Twiggy brushwood of the height the plants will attain is much liked by gardeners.

Erodium – Perennial Plant, How to grow - - Greece
19.01.2024 / 23:46

Erodium – Perennial Plant, How to grow

From the Greek erodios, a heron; the style and ovaries resemble the head and beak of a heron (Geraniaceae). Heron’s bill. Hardy perennials, closely related to the hardy geraniums, or crane’s bills. There are dwarf species suitable for the rock garden and taller border plants.

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