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Philadelphia Garden Show - - county Garden
26.01.2024 / 15:19

Philadelphia Garden Show

When you go to the Philadelphia Flower Show, it helps to take along the right attitude. If seeing gorgeous, high concept gardens full of the most fashionable flowers makes you feel insecure, then take yourself elsewhere. If you need a massive dose of color, fragrance, humidity, and horticultural inspiration, then the Philadelphia Flower Show will be perfect for you. On my calendar, it officially marks the end of winter. It also reminds me of everything that a garden can be—provided you have a forklift, a crew of ten, at least $20,000 and the ability to make crocuses, roses and hydrangeas all bloom simultaneously.

How to build a Garden Pond -
25.01.2024 / 23:13

How to build a Garden Pond

Gardening jobs are just like any other job; sometimes, they seem daunting. Where to start? What is more daunting than starting with a weed-filled field?

18 Weeds that Look Like Wheat - - Italy
25.01.2024 / 10:57

18 Weeds that Look Like Wheat

We'll help you recognize weeds that look like wheat. Some, like Wild Oats and Cheatgrass, seem similar but differ in seed heads. Others, like Jointed Goatgrass and Volunteer Barley, share features but have distinct characteristics. Learning to spot these differences can help you easily identify weeds that might be mistaken for wheat in your garden.

Exploring Garden Trends 2024 - - Britain
24.01.2024 / 10:07

Exploring Garden Trends 2024

In the ever-evolving tapestry of horticulture, 2024 brings forth a new chapter as gardens undergo a transformative journey guided by the latest trends. From the integration of nature into outdoor spaces to the tech-savvy approaches that are revolutionizing horticulture, this year's garden landscape is a canvas of innovation and sustainability. Join us as we delve into the heart of these trends and explore how they are changing the way we imagine, cultivate and experience our gardens. Step into a world where sustainability meets aesthetic expression, where technology blends with the natural, and where each garden becomes a unique testament to the creativity and conscientiousness of its caretaker. Welcome to the garden trends of 2024 – a celebration of greenery, diversity and the limitless possibilities that bloom in the outdoors.

Brian Minter: Darker hues, more insects and climate protection top gardening trends for 2024 - - state Pennsylvania - county Garden
22.01.2024 / 17:45

Brian Minter: Darker hues, more insects and climate protection top gardening trends for 2024

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Under the Stars: Crafting an Enchanting Night Picnic in Your Garden -
22.01.2024 / 14:15

Under the Stars: Crafting an Enchanting Night Picnic in Your Garden

As the sun dips below the horizon, transforming the sky into a canvas of twinkling stars, your garden becomes a magical setting for an enchanting night picnic. The allure of dining al fresco takes on a new dimension when the moon casts its gentle glow on nature's stage. This celestial soiree explores the art of crafting an unforgettable night picnic under the stars, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Sanctuary Gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 - - county Garden
22.01.2024 / 12:53

Sanctuary Gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Away from the Show Gardens on Main Avenue, the Sanctuary Gardens offer plenty of inspiration and often on a more achievable scale. A garden that honours 200 years of the National Gallery, a family space that can bounce back from heavy rainfall, and a sensory haven that supports the emotional wellbeing for children undergoing cancer treatment, feature in 2024’s line up.

A Taste of Asia Gardening - - China - Japan - state California - county Pacific
21.01.2024 / 22:01

A Taste of Asia Gardening

Lately, I have noticed that the mail-order garden supply catalogs are full of Asian-themed garden accessories such as pots, traditional bamboo fences, and stone lanterns. This seems to go along with the trend toward Asian-inspired minimalism in home décor. In California and the Pacific Northwest, traditional Asian and Asian-inspired gardens have been popular for years. Can a national vogue for Chinese and Japanese gardens be far behind?

Sunday 15th May 2022 – A day to unwind…. - - Italy
19.01.2024 / 15:00

Sunday 15th May 2022 – A day to unwind….

This weekend wasn’t as hectic as last weekend, but there was still a lot to do. Saturday was the usual shopping, bell ringing for someone’s wedding and then a bell ringing striking competition. There were 7 bands (teams) ringing and you get judged on how many mistakes you make. The fewer the better. I am pleased to report that the band I was ringing in came 1st!! Yay!! We got 37.5 faults, the band that came 2nd got 40 faults, so it was close. We get the special cup for a year.

Monday 7th March 2022 – Half day fun! - - Italy
19.01.2024 / 14:59

Monday 7th March 2022 – Half day fun!

Today I only worked in the morning, that’s because I’m so good at my job I’ve got their garden all up to date. Give it a few months and they’ll be much more to do, but for now it’s just a morning.

Sunday 22nd May 2022 – An entire weekend in the garden. - - Britain - France
19.01.2024 / 14:58

Sunday 22nd May 2022 – An entire weekend in the garden.

Now this hasn’t happened for ages, but nothing was going on this weekend. No cinema, no bell ringing, no seeing family. It was just me in the garden for the entire weekend. Obviously there was the usual shopping and household chores to do, but most of those were done on Saturday morning. It was then just me and my plants….it was beautiful.

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