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Gardening jobs in February -
29.01.2024 / 16:09

Gardening jobs in February

Early shoots are now beginning to emerge – a welcome treat after the garden’s winter slumber. Crocus peep their heads above ground in shades of purple, white and deepest gold, while the subtle blooms of hellebores are a discreet pleasure. Once snowdrops have gone over, it’s time to divide them while they’re ‘in the green’. And don’t forget to cut back ornamental grasses like calamagrostisand sow sweet peas.

How to Plant and Grow ‘Winter Density’ Lettuce - - France
27.01.2024 / 17:05

How to Plant and Grow ‘Winter Density’ Lettuce

How to Plant and Grow ‘Winter Density’ Lettuce Lactuca sativa ‘Winter Density’

Monthly Q&A February 2024 -
25.01.2024 / 11:09

Monthly Q&A February 2024

As part of your Premium access, you can send your gardening questions to our horticultural experts each month. They will then answer a selection of the questions they receive, and share the advice at the end of the month.

How to plant a bean plant - - France - Egypt
22.01.2024 / 21:21

How to plant a bean plant

These were certainly known to the Ancient Egyptians and are probably natives of northern and western Asia. They are extremely hardy.

A Guide to Planting Gaillardia - - France
22.01.2024 / 21:21

A Guide to Planting Gaillardia

Commemorating M. Gaillard de Marentonneau, a French patron of botany (Compositae). Blanket flower. A small genus of annuals and perennials, natives of America, with a long flowering period, useful for cut flowers. Somewhat untidy in habit, the long stalks fall about in wind and rain. Gaillardias need some twiggy stakes to help to keep the flowers clean and in full view.

Valentine Roses - - France - Egypt
20.01.2024 / 00:33

Valentine Roses

Valentine’s Day has just passed, and if you were lucky, someone you love gave you roses to celebrate the occasion. All the romance and fragrance in the air bring to mind one of history’s great love stories-that of Napoleon and Josephine. Naturally the whole tale is full of roses.

Bigger is Better - - France
19.01.2024 / 23:45

Bigger is Better

Recently I went to see a big garden—seven acres to be exact. It was located on some of the priciest real estate anywhere, and it was gorgeous. It took a big crew to maintain it and a big chipper shredder machine to keep it in wood chips. Needless to say, it was bankrolled by someone with a big pocketbook. It also took a lot of big-leaf plants to cover the ground. Small and delicate plants have their charms, but when you have acreage to cover, eyesores to hide, or lots to do other than gardening, big plants are the ticket.

Azalea Growing Care and Pruning Guide -
19.01.2024 / 23:45

Azalea Growing Care and Pruning Guide

(Aza’lea). Botanists now classify all plants they once called Azaleas as Rhododendrons. Garden lovers still use Azalea for deciduous or leaf-losing kinds and for a few that are not, and the name Rhododendron for evergreen kinds which have large, leathery leaves. In the treatment that follows, Azalea is used as a common name and Rhododendron as the scientific name, thus, when a species is named it is written, for example, R. calendulaceum instead of A. calendulacea.

Saturday 6th February 2021 – Guttering and the last of the carrots. - - city Brussels
19.01.2024 / 15:02

Saturday 6th February 2021 – Guttering and the last of the carrots.

I spent the morning putting the guttering round the newly covered chicken run, and also fixing some of the guttering at the back of the chicken house.

Sunday 1st May 2022 – Bean time!!! - - Britain - France
19.01.2024 / 15:02

Sunday 1st May 2022 – Bean time!!!

After several years of sowing at different time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the perfect time for me to sow my Runner and French Bean seeds in the greenhouse is on 1st May. That way they have exactly one month to grow and be the perfect size to be planted outside on 1st June. I live in the South East of the UK so all worries of frost have gone from that area by the beginning of June. If you live further north or south of where I am, then you know your frost dates and can adjust your timings.

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