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Winter Beauty in Bonnie’s Garden - finegardening.com - Usa - Georgia - Japan
29.01.2024 / 09:21

Winter Beauty in Bonnie’s Garden

We’re visiting with Bonnie Plikaytis in north Georgia today.

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Cherry Trees - gardenerspath.com - China - Japan
26.01.2024 / 17:15

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Cherry Trees

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Cherry Trees Prunus spp.

Excuse Me—Do You Have a Tree for Me? | Letter from the Editor - finegardening.com
25.01.2024 / 10:35

Excuse Me—Do You Have a Tree for Me? | Letter from the Editor

If you’re a gardener—and since you picked up this magazine I’m guessing you are—you probably get peppered with plant questions all the time. I know I do. Take Thanksgiving just this past year. My dad was looking for some trees that would “subtly block” his neighbors who had recently put a pool in their backyard. So in between doling out mashed potatoes and deciding if I wanted apple or pumpkin pie for dessert, I pulled out Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs from the nearby bookshelf to spark some suggestions. (That illustrated encyclopedia was a Christmas gift a few years back to help my dad make plant choices without my help. Its successfulness in doing so is still up for debate.) This same scenario takes place at summer picnics, children’s birthday parties, or even on planes when my seatmate asks what I do for a living. After I answer, it’s common to hear, “Wow, that’s so interesting. Listen, I have this spot where I need something …” Most of these inquiries center around trees too—and I get it. A tree is an investment with a capital “I.” Not only is a tree the single most expensive plant you will likely purchase for your landscape, but it is also the longest lived. Trees don’t like to be moved, they generally require a bit more effort to get established than a perennial or shrub, and they are usually the focal point of a specific area. For all of these reasons, everyone wants to choose the right tree.

Selecting a tree for your local Town - backyardgardener.com - Usa - Netherlands - state Utah
22.01.2024 / 21:21

Selecting a tree for your local Town

In his classic book Mormon Country, author Wallace Stegner noted that nineteenth century Mormons planted rows of Lombardy poplar trees wherever they established settlements in the territory that is now Utah. The trees served as windbreaks and boundary markers, but they were also the flags that marked the advance of Mormon civilization in a hostile territory. In my hometown and lots of other towns all over the United States elm trees served a similar function, marking the spread of middle class residential neighborhoods during the end of the nineteenth and the first third of the twentieth centuries. In the 1960’s almost all of those tall elegant trees fell prey to Dutch Elm Disease, making each municipality a little poorer.

32 Best Asian Fruits You Must Try - balconygardenweb.com - China - Japan
22.01.2024 / 12:47

32 Best Asian Fruits You Must Try

Asian fruits bring a tasty adventure to your palate! From sweet bananas packed with vitamins to figs' earthy aroma, each fruit has unique flavors and health benefits. Try juicy lychee, creamy jackfruit, or sour starfruit. Dive into the crunchy snake fruit, sweet mangosteen, or the delightful Asian pear. Don't forget the king of fruits – the mango, known for its unbeatable taste and fragrance. Enjoy these delicious treats from Southeast Asia!

22 Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Ideas - balconygardenweb.com - Japan
22.01.2024 / 09:59

22 Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Ideas

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, cherry blossom trees can be a wonderful choice. These delicate and lovely trees are not just beautiful in nature; they can also make stunning body art.

A Taste of Asia Gardening - backyardgardener.com - China - Japan - state California - county Pacific
21.01.2024 / 22:01

A Taste of Asia Gardening

Lately, I have noticed that the mail-order garden supply catalogs are full of Asian-themed garden accessories such as pots, traditional bamboo fences, and stone lanterns. This seems to go along with the trend toward Asian-inspired minimalism in home décor. In California and the Pacific Northwest, traditional Asian and Asian-inspired gardens have been popular for years. Can a national vogue for Chinese and Japanese gardens be far behind?

Grow Japanese Red Maple Trees from Seed - backyardgardener.com - Japan
21.01.2024 / 19:01

Grow Japanese Red Maple Trees from Seed

Japanese Maple seeds have a very hard outer coating as do many ornamental plants. Under natural conditions, the seeds would have to be on the ground for almost two years before they would germinate. All that happens the first winter is the moisture softens the hard outer shell, and the second winter germination begins to take place. For all of this to happen in the proper sequence so the seedlings sprout at a time of the year when freezing temperatures or hot summer sun doesn’t kill them, takes a tremendous amount of luck. You can improve the odds by controlling some of these conditions, and shorten the cycle.

An expert’s guide to the best places to buy seeds and bulbs - irishtimes.com - Britain - Japan - Ireland
20.01.2024 / 05:11

An expert’s guide to the best places to buy seeds and bulbs

Some people get their kicks from designer labels, others from rummaging through flea shops, or collecting obscure Japanese comics, vintage tractors, handbags, dolls, beer-mats, Star Wars merchandise or whatever else. Me, I get mine from ordering seeds.

2-for-1 Gardens - Wonderful Wildlife - gardenersworld.com - Britain - Scotland - county Park
17.01.2024 / 15:55

2-for-1 Gardens - Wonderful Wildlife

This month, why not use your 2-for-1 Gardens entry card to spot some of the most exciting wildlife the UK has to offer in late winter. Wrap up warm, grab your2-for-1 Gardens card, maybe even some binoculars and head out to one of these gardens for a full day out.

60 Types of Flowers for Every Garden - gardenersworld.com
17.01.2024 / 12:51

60 Types of Flowers for Every Garden

There are many different types of flowers to grow in your garden, adding interest, colour and food for wildlife. Types of flowers can range from annuals to perennials, climbers to ground cover, and spring flowers to summer flowers. Flowers also come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.

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