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Dischidia hirsuta 'Red Leaf' Care Tips and Growing Information -
13.02.2024 / 04:55

Dischidia hirsuta 'Red Leaf' Care Tips and Growing Information

Dischidias are unusual, unique, easy-to-care-for houseplants, and most types love to trail and cascade from hanging baskets. If you want a non-fussy companion for your desk or window, learn How to Grow Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf, and you may fall in love with the plant.

Tree identification Broadleaf trees - - Usa - China - Britain
09.02.2024 / 18:24

Tree identification Broadleaf trees

Information pertaining to broadleaf trees.  Listed below are common trees with care facts.

115 Plant puns and plant jokes to leaf you chuckling -
09.02.2024 / 09:59

115 Plant puns and plant jokes to leaf you chuckling

If you’re searching for plant puns and plant jokes to raise a giggle, you’re in the right place.

How to Grow Big Calathea Orbifolia -
29.01.2024 / 11:43

How to Grow Big Calathea Orbifolia

To grow big Calathea Orbifolia plants, start with a piece from a big plant. Keep them in a humid place and give them bright, indirect sunlight. You can also try using small amounts of plant growth products like Miracle-Gro.

6 Tricks to Grow Bushier, Bigger and Colorful Nerve Plants -
23.01.2024 / 11:11

6 Tricks to Grow Bushier, Bigger and Colorful Nerve Plants

Care for your Nerve Plants effortlessly! Maintain humidity with a humidifier or water tray, and find the right sunlight balance. Feed with diluted liquid fertilizer every 3-4 weeks, prune for bushiness when it's 4-6 inches tall, and enhance CO2 levels occasionally. Amp up leaf vibrancy by using a weak tea solution every 2 months. These simple steps guarantee colorful, bushier, and lush Nerve Plants!

Biggest Pumpkin Growing Books - - state California - county Day
22.01.2024 / 13:55

Biggest Pumpkin Growing Books

We were fortunate to win at Half Moon Bay, California this year. The competition was intense with 80 entries, 10 of which were over 1,000 pounds. The weigh-off is always on Columbus Day. The winner stays until the following weekend to participate in the HMB Pumpkin Festival.

Rose Leaf – Black Spot -
21.01.2024 / 22:01

Rose Leaf – Black Spot

A term which can be used to describe certain plant diseases which reveal themselves as black spots on the leaves. Some are quite startling in the color contrast with the green of the leaf, for example, black or tar spot on sycamore leaves. But the best known of all ornamental plant black spot diseases is that which affects roses, called rose black spot. In this, the spots are usually circular and well-defined but sometimes they are very diffuse and roughly follow the veins in a branched fashion. In the disease of delphiniums called black spot or black blotch, the black spots are of all sizes and very irregular shapes. In black spot disease of elm leaves the spots are shiny, coal black, and slightly raised.

Bigger is Better - - France
19.01.2024 / 23:45

Bigger is Better

Recently I went to see a big garden—seven acres to be exact. It was located on some of the priciest real estate anywhere, and it was gorgeous. It took a big crew to maintain it and a big chipper shredder machine to keep it in wood chips. Needless to say, it was bankrolled by someone with a big pocketbook. It also took a lot of big-leaf plants to cover the ground. Small and delicate plants have their charms, but when you have acreage to cover, eyesores to hide, or lots to do other than gardening, big plants are the ticket.

Eight birds to look out for during the Big Garden Birdwatch - - Britain - Germany - Scotland
19.01.2024 / 13:27

Eight birds to look out for during the Big Garden Birdwatch

January is an interesting time to look for birds in the garden, as days are short and the availability of natural food is limited. This brings more birds into gardens, for whom a reliable source of supplementary food can be a lifeline.

How to grow Cacti and Succulents -
18.01.2024 / 06:23

How to grow Cacti and Succulents

Succulent plants are the camels of the vegetable world, storing up food and water to be used not on a rainy day, but during a period of prolonged drought. This may last for a few weeks or, in extreme cases, plants have survived without rainfall for over a year. This water can be stored in either the leaves or the stems of the plants, depending on the type.

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