Raul Cornelius
state Hawaii
Raul Cornelius
state Hawaii
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Creeping Lilyturf: A Flowering Perennial Groundcover - savvygardening.com
29.01.2024 / 14:11

Creeping Lilyturf: A Flowering Perennial Groundcover

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance groundcover that also flowers, look no further than creeping lilyturf. This tough perennial has thick, blade-like foliage and forms attractive clumps. In this article, I’ll share more details about creeping lilyturf, along with how easy it is to grow and care for.

Winter Beauty in Bonnie’s Garden - finegardening.com - Usa - Georgia - Japan
29.01.2024 / 09:21

Winter Beauty in Bonnie’s Garden

We’re visiting with Bonnie Plikaytis in north Georgia today.

11 Flowers That Look Like Impatiens - balconygardenweb.com
27.01.2024 / 02:01

11 Flowers That Look Like Impatiens

We bring you a beautiful array of blooms that resemble impatiens but also offer a different charm with their vivid hues and lush foliage!

9 Fantastic Flowering Trees - finegardening.com - China - state Maryland
25.01.2024 / 10:35

9 Fantastic Flowering Trees

While gardeners often extol the virtues of outstanding bark and winter interest, let’s not kid ourselves—flower power reigns supreme. A tree that is a stately focal point most of the year will be transformed into an awe-inspiring centerpiece by spectacular blooms. Spring-flowering trees often occupy prime garden real estate, but for some easy, unexpected floral elegance, it is truly worthwhile to plant trees that bloom in summer, fall, or even late winter. Many of my favorites even have dazzling displays when they aren’t in bloom. Here are some excellent choices for you to consider.

15 of the Best Smelling and Fragrant flowers - backyardgardener.com
22.01.2024 / 21:21

15 of the Best Smelling and Fragrant flowers

Fragrance in flowers is such a desirable attribute that it’s a perennial complaint of many gardeners that modern varieties of various plants, particularly roses, lack all or most of the fragrance of the older varieties. This is demonstrably untrue of many varieties, of course, yet there is a good deal of truth in the generalization. Some varieties are certainly much less fragrant than the ‘old-fashioned’ roses and a few seem to lack detectable fragrance, but, on the whole, a good modern variety will number fragrance among its qualities. Much depends, of course, upon the individual sense of smell, coupled with the ‘scent memory’ which all of us possess to some degree. It is, in fact, usually well developed and most of us are readily and instantaneously reminded by present scents of past incidents, places, and persons, and although the actual vocabulary of scent is limited, it is usually possible for us to describe a scent fairly accurately by comparing it with another. Thus it is quite usual for us to say that a flower has a lily-like fragrance, or that it smells like new-mown hay.

LET’S PARTY: A 12-MONTH PARTY OF FLOWERS - backyardgardener.com
21.01.2024 / 19:01


Whether you are planning a birthday party or a formal dinner for business associates, flowers can play an important role in the decorations. But you don’t have to settle for run-of-the-mill, one-color arrangements of carnations and daisies. Why not key the floral decor to the season or holidays and special events in the month?

Gardening with Shade Flowers - backyardgardener.com
19.01.2024 / 23:45

Gardening with Shade Flowers

When acquiring plants for a shade garden, remember that plants grow slowly in the shade, so get large plants. Plants often grow differently in the shade and some experimentation with size and blooming times are in order. The following plants grow well in deep shade.

Blooming flowers! - clairesallotment.com
19.01.2024 / 15:02

Blooming flowers!

There’s only a month of Summer left, then we’ll be into Autumn. The weather clearly has other ideas and has decided that Summer has finished because, even though it’s very humid, still the clouds and rain stop the sun from shining. But some plants are loving this sort of weather.

7 Beautiful Pink Indoor Vines - balconygardenweb.com
19.01.2024 / 13:31

7 Beautiful Pink Indoor Vines

You can grow any one or all of these pink indoor vines for that beautiful cascading affect that’s full of vibrant hues!

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