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berries maple strawberries Step Aside, Cottage Cheese—Sour Cream Ice Cream Might Be the Next Big Thing
First came feta, which brought with it an outrageous amount of baked feta pasta and whipped feta dip recipes. Then came cottage cheese, and that dairy-based food trend du jour added a flurry of savory recipes, such as pizza toasts and pasta sauces. Then things snowballed into a storm of sweet recipes ranging from edible cookie dough and “ice cream”—all made with cottage cheese.
gardening Pumpkin BHG Editors' Favorite Finds: What We're Loving in October
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flowers plants soil gardening watering fertilizers How To Care For Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia)
Angel’s trumpet plants are easier to care for than most people think, and they grow very quickly too.
plants soil watering seeds shootings A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplant Propagation
A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplant Propagation
fun pop classical country British Pop Decor Is the Funky Trend to Make Your Home a Playful Escape
Sometimes, you see a style that’s so over the top, with so many seemingly disconnected designs, that it's a miracle everything flows together so seamlessly. Case in point: the no-holds-barred look of British pop decor. The style combines the best of today’s trending aesthetics with a healthy dose of the posh past—and like all maximalist styles, it's all about the layers.
flowers plants watering greening potassium The Benefits of Dandelion Tea
Though quite possibly the peskiest plant for homeowners trying to maintain a pristine lawn, dandelion is not just a weed but a bonafide superfood, often provided to us free of charge by Mother Nature.
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flowers plants gardening watering greening tomato shootings Fall Tomato Care
Tomato plants supported by vertical strings on a Freyr trellis.
flowers soil fertilizers information Puerto Rico National Flower: Facts, Information and Growing Tips
With its lush, trumpet-shaped petals and strikingly vibrant colors, the Maga flower isn’t just a botanical marvel; it’s a symbol of Puerto Rican pride and resilience. Continue scrolling to explore Puerto Rico National Flower’s history, unique features, and the captivating characteristics!
plants greening 16 Rare and Exotic Hoya Varieties
Rare and Exotic Hoya Varieties – these enigmatic beauties defy the ordinary with their eclectic mix of colors, textures, and shapes, offering both seasoned collectors and budding enthusiasts a taste of the extraordinary!
flowers sunflowers gardening roses orchids Daisies 14 Simple Flowers for Gardens and Homes
From their effortless growth to their understated beauty, these Simple Flowers offer a delightful sensory experience that is surprisingly easy to achieve. Keep reading to uncover these fascinating blooms!
plants soil gardening watering fertilizers Philodendron Tortum Care and Growing Guide
Philodendron Tortum – a mesmerizing plant that breaks all traditional notions of indoor foliage. With its strikingly twisted leaves that spiral like an unfurling fern, this rare Philodendron variety promises to turn your living space into a tropical paradise.
flowers plants seeds peas poppies cover ​Flower Seeds to Sow in Autumn
Autumn, next to spring, is one of the most popular seed-sowing seasons, especially for flowers. Plants that are native to colder climates are also perfect for autumn sowing.

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